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Did the effort of digging a big hole for that new tree in the backyard give you a nasty backache, discouraging you from returning to work in the garden?


Have you been managing a large property only to find out the previous land caretakers never weeded or maintained the irrigation system in the last three years?

We can fix that.

Ironwood Landcrafters puts smiles on customers’ faces. It’s truly that simple.

Not everyone has a green thumb. Not everyone thrills at finding and creating the perfect vantage point (and soil conditions) for a rare Japanese maple. Not everyone can create (and maintain) beautiful and healthy landscaping, from newly emerging tiny White Paper flowers in January to controlling algae blooms in an extensive water garden in July.

We can. We do.

The Re-Greening of the Brown Thumb

IronwoodYou can turn that brown thumb into a healthy green one simply by picking up the phone to call us.

Who says you actually have to turn the spade in the garden? Your thumb can be just as green when you take credit for choosing Ironwood Landcrafters to design, install and maintain that fabulous garden on your property in Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties!

Imagine your spouse’s thrill to see a beautifully landscaped yard, attracting beneficial birds and insects to your own private ecosystem? Won’t you look like the hero for getting your yard transformed by us into an oasis of tranquility?

Imagine your relief at knowing you’ll never have to dig another tree hole again and can relax on your deck while a trained crew manages the grunt work as well as handling those delicate plant roots you used to break. (And aren’t you glad the foreman pointed out that you accidentally purchased the giant Spanish lavender instead of the less rigorous English lavender you mentioned to him earlier. He’ll get that exchanged for you.)

Best of all, as a property manager juggling dozens of properties and vendors, isn’t it refreshing to find a landscaping company that takes the time to show you how they’ll correct past vendors’ mistakes and save you money in the process? You’ll be indispensible to the corporate land owners who’ve been tightening your budget for the last three years.

Ironwood Landcrafters. We employ modern practices in order to be the most efficient landscapers you’ve ever seen. Of course, we do that because every inch of our business is built upon traditional values.

Call us.

Like the ironwood tree, we run our business straightforward and sturdy. No surprises amongst our evenly spaced branches: from our crews to our finished landscapes, we craft you solid results.


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Rick Clark, Horticulturist and Irrigation Specialist
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CA Contractor’s License #966459
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